SIP 7: Change Reward Allocations for SYX/VLX and VLX/ETH Pools Source


Simple Summary

该 sip 建议调整 SYX/VLX 和 VLX/ETH 矿池的比例。

This SIP proposes to change the reward allocation ratio for SYX/VLX and VLX/ETH pools.


将 SYX/VLX 和 VLX/ETH 的矿池奖励分配点分别调整为 13.2 和 1。

We propose to set the reward allocation ratios for SYX/VLX and VLX/ETH pools to be 13.2 and 1 respectively.


根据上次 SIP 6 号提案的内容,需要将当前的 5 个矿池奖励比例分布做出调整,但是因为链上投票最后一步设置错误,造成 SYX/VLX 和 VLX/ETH 的奖励分配点错误设置。因此,我们建议通过这个提案及时修复上述的修复错误。

Previous SIP-6 is supposed to change the ratio allocation rewards for all the exisiting pools. But because the errors in creating the on-chain proposal, SYX/VLX and VLX/ETH pools now have the incorrect reward allocation ratios. We propose to fix the issues with this new proposal.



提案分为以下 2 步 There are 2 steps for the proposal.

  • 首先,将 SYX/VLX 矿池的奖励点数设置为 13.2;
  • Firstly, set the SYX/VLX pool (ID #0)’s reward allocation ratio to 13.2;

  • 然后,将 VLX/ETH 矿池的奖励点数设置为 1;
  • Secondly, set the VLX/ETH pool (ID #4)’s reward allocation ratio to 1;
Pool Name 矿池名称 Before 修改前 After 修改后 Allocation Points 奖励点数
SYX/VLX 7.24% 66% 13.2
VLX/USDT 7.24% 5% 1
SYX/USDT 17.39% 12% 2.4
SYX/ETH 17.39% 12% 2.4
VLX/ETH 50.72% 5% 1